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 EPDs made easy 

EPD Hub makes publishing EPDs easy, reliable, automated, and cost-effective worldwide.

EPD Hub delivers integrated EPD verification and publishing in line with ISO 14025, EN 15804+A2, ISO 21930, and other standards, with minimum hassle.

EPD Hub guarantees consistent quality and fast response times.

EPD Hub is a proud member of ECO Platform.

Why choose EPD Hub?

EPD Hub serves manufacturers and consultants worldwide.
Reduce cost but
not quality


EPD Hub cuts the cost of creating and publishing product transparency data for manufacturers worldwide.

EPD Hub operates a third-party verified EPD program for ISO 14025 Type III EPDs, with innovative processes and technology that reduce cost, without compromising on quality.

Digital native
EPD program


EPD Hub is a digital native EPD program. Its integrations with sophisticated EPD generators creates a digital end-to-end flow of data to deliver faster, more reliable and more efficient EPDs at very affordable cost.



EPD Hub guarantees consistent quality by verifying EPDs directly. While third party verifiers and advanced software are used to support the verification process, the final approval and verification is centralized at EPD Hub.

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Proud member of ECO Platform

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