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Why choose EPD Hub?

EPD Hub is an EPD program designed for the digital age and has extremely standardized set of rules that allow for standardized large scale EPD generation, verification and publishing at an affordable cost. EPD Hub has fixed, affordable costs that include verification and publishing and five-year EPD validity. In the first half of 2022, EPD Hub was one of the fastest growing EPD programs in Europe. 

Why choose EPD Hub?

  • Affordable, fast, and reliable EPD verification and publishing.

  • Solutions to scale EPD generation.

  • Single point-of-contact.

  • One PCR (Product Category Rules) to support all products and standards.

Affordable, fast, and reliable EPD verification and publishing

  • We process data in a machine-readable format. This saves you documentation time and money.

  • We process EPDs fast thanks to a high degree of automation and internal resourcing.

  • We’re a great choice for LCA consultants who need a robust solution to publish EPDs for their clients.

Solutions to scale EPD generation

  • EPD Hub supports even more cost-effective sister EPDs for variant products

  • Average EPDs are allowed and the rules are very clearly spelled out

  • Variance must be declared on the EPD, and maximum allowed variance is set out in the GPI (General Programme Instructions).

Single point-of-contact and a single PCR to support all products and standards

  • The verification is internalized by EPD Hub Limited. You only need to deal with us.

  • We support construction, electrical and other manufactured products, and energy supply and built environment services with a single PCR.

  • EPD Hub PCR means you can be confident that your EPD comply with global standards: EN 15804+A2, ISO 21930, EN 50693 and ISO 14067.

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