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EPD quality with EPD Hub

Quality can’t be added into something later, it has to be built in from the start.
That’s our ethos at EPD Hub – and it informs everything we do.

The traditional approach to EPDs is disconnected and full of quality issues. To create an EPD you need to choose LCA software, create an LCA – with no guidance over what assumptions to make, track down a verifier with availability for your project, send them your handwritten reports explaining your assumptions… and hope for the best.

At EPD Hub, we have a better way. We build quality into the process right from the start, making things smoother for you.


This is how we do it:

  1. We only work with pre-verified EPD generators – meaning assumptions are controlled and well understood.

  2. We are the only verification authority for EPDs.

  3. We only work with machine-readable data, so no need for multiple documents.


We designed EPD Hub with repeatability, standardization, and digitalisation at its core. 

Quality is in our DNA – and the quality of our process ensures the quality of your EPDs.

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