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Learn how to facilitate your EPD verification process

Whether you are setting up your account, submitting an EPD, or preparing for verification, this guide provides clear, step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth and efficient experience.

How do verification and publishing processes work?

Submit an EPD to the EPD Hub platform: 

Step 1 - Set up your EPD Hub account
  1. To submit the EPD to the EPD Hub platform, manufacturers/consultants must have TWO accounts

    1. An ‘User’ account for logging in to the platform and submitting. 

    2. A ‘Publisher’ account for selecting publishers during submission. 

  2. New EPD publishers should contact their EPD CS onboarding mentor to create the user EPD Hub accounts. 
  3.  Existing EPD publishers should contact for assistance in adding additional user accounts or in merging their new account with the existing account created by EPD Hub for past EPD publishing.

  4. Once we add the provided email address as a new user, the client will receive a registration email from . Click the provided link to set up your EPD Hub account & update your user-password setup.
  5.Before submitting your EPDs to the EPD Hub platform, it is important to make sure you have joined any publisher.

Step 2 - Publisher account - EPD Hub
  1. Open the EPD Hub homepage. Locate and click on the "Publishers" section. Within the Publishers Section, find the option "Create or join publishers" and click on it.

  2. If you are a new publisher, fill in all the required information for your organisation and click the "Save" button. This action will automatically make you the owner of the publisher.

  3. After creating a new publisher, or if you have an existing EPD publisher, select the option "Search for existing publisher". Type your company or organization name in the search field. Once you see your company's name in the search results, click on the "+" sign located on the right side of the name.

  4. This action will trigger a notification to the owner of the publisher account, and either our team or the owner of the publisher will grant the access.

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Step 3 - EPD Submission via One Click LCA
Step 4 - Credits consumed notification
  1. If you have enough balance in your account, wait for a notification email from EPD Hub support for notifying how many credits have been consumed for your verification.

  2. If you haven’t purchased any credits for EPD Hub or your balance is insufficient, you will receive a notification email, reminding you to seek for purchase options and we will initiate verification only after receiving the confirmation of payment.

Step 5 - Verification start
  1. Once you have received notification email, it means we have officially delivered your EPDs for verification, and one verifier will be assigned within the next 1-2 working days.

  2. There will be a notification email containing a link that leads you to answer the comments from our verifier, please answer each comment and revise your draft EPD accordingly.  

    • Please kindly be aware that you should upload the revised EPD in word format and upload it every time after you send out your answers on the platform.

How to answer the comments:

How to upload your draft EPD in Word format:​
Step 5 - Verification finished & publishing
What is the duration of the entire process, including the completion of verification and publishing?

Targeted EPD publishing time: Target times from receipt of ready, final and error-free documents, excluding time spent waiting for Customer fixes:

Target Publishing Time
72 hours
Fast track
7 days
Pay as you go EPD publishers
42 days (six weeks)
EPD Hub S and M subscriptions
21 days (three weeks)
EPD Hub L subscriptions and above
14 days (two weeks)
How to prepare for your verification process ?

Once your product LCA design is completed, it's crucial to conduct a thorough design check. Below is a concise checklist to guide you through the process.

  1. All supporting documents are uploaded. These include Data Collection form, Calculations to demonstrate material and energy flow balance, Calculations of applicable allocation and averaging, Quantitative justification for cut-offs, Certificate of renewable energy, Electricity mix, Industrial Waste Declaration, References for assumptions, etc. 

  2. Data Quality check. Ensure that the data used in your LCA model is technologically, geographically and temporally representative of the material or process that it aims to depict.

  3. All explanatory notes are filled. These include use of data, Allocation procedures, Averaging criteria and method, list of excluded processes, and any other estimates and assumptions.

  4. LCA results check. Ensure Mass balance, Biogenic carbon balance and energy balance. Benchmark your results with similar product EPDs in the market.

  5. Double check that all the mandatory information in the draft EPD is completed.

After making sure that you have the best version of the EPD and everything else in place, you can proceed to submit your EPD to EPD Hub..

How to prepare for the verification?
How to answer comments
Step 5 - Verification start
Step 3 - EPD Submission
Step 4 - Credits consumed notification
How to upload the dratf EPD
What is the duration of the process?
Step 2 - Publisher account
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