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Our Verifiers

Verification Committee


Elma Avdyli

Approved verifier by EPD Hub

Experienced LCA & EPD Engineer with a Master's in Polymers and Ecodesign.


Elisabet Amat

Approved verifier by EPD Hub

With 15+ years of experience as a Life Cycle Assessment and Eco-innovation consultant and researcher, Elisabet is an individual EPD verifier for EPD Hub, the International EPD System, and EPD Norge.


Silvia Vilčeková

As the Institute of Sustainable and Circular Construction director, Silvia is an expert in LCA and sustainable construction at the Technical University of Košice. She authors EPDs for various construction products, specializing in thermal insulation, bricks, PVC pipes, cement, and steel.

Approved verifier by EPD Hub


Magaly Gonzalez Vazquez

Approved verifier by EPD Hub

6+ years of experience in developing LCA and EPD work performed for clients from different industry sectors. 10 years experience in data management and analysis and Environmental Risk Assessment. 


Hai Ha Nguyen

Approved verifier by EPD Hub

LCA consultant and verifier for EPD and R&D projects of various industries, including construction, electrical and manufactured products.


Sergio Ballén Zamora

Approved verifier by EPD Hub

Architect, PhD in sustainability and Net Zero, accredited as EDGE Faculty (building certification system); consultant in bioclimatic, life cycle assessment, and verifier of EPD of construction materials for International EPD System and EPD Hub. LCA experience in buildings and construction materials with several works on clay masonry.


Nemanja Nedic

Approved verifier by EPD Hub

EPD Hub program Manager, authoring EPDs for various products, MSc in Chemistry and Eco-design. Holding long Life Cycle Assessment and Material Flow Analysis experience in both industry and academy, as well as EPD creation, verification and publishing.

Approved Verifiers by EPD Hub


Neena Chandramathy

Approved verifier by EPD Hub

Lim Noh-hyun_1x1.jpg

Lim, Noh-hyun

Approved verifier by EPD Hub


Lucas Pedro Berman

Approved verifier by EPD Hub

Edis profile linkedin.png

Edis Glocic

Approved verifier by EPD Hub

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