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Verification Committee


Elma Avdyli

Approved verifier by EPD Hub

LCA & EPD Engineer. 

Master Degree in Polymers and Ecodesign. 

6 years of experience in LCA and EPD. EPD Hub program Manager.   

She is the author of EPDs for products such as: thermal insulation boards, plasterboard, wood wool panel, rock wool panel, metal frames, coating or pipes.

Ipek Goktas

Approved verifier by EPD Hub

I have 10 years of experience as a third-party EPD verifier, EPD/LCA Author, and consultant on LCA/EPD projects for more than 120 products manufactured and marketed in several countries. During my working life in the area of EPD/LCA, I have worked with different EPD program operators; also I am an independent verifier in 3 different EPD systems. On the other hand, thanks to my qualification as LEED AP, I have an additional perspective to EPD/LCA projects.


Elisabet Amat

Approved verifier by EPD Hub

She holds a Degree in Telecommunication Engineering and an MSc in Environmental Studies.

With more than fifteen years of experience as a Life Cycle Assessment and Eco-innovation consultant and researcher, she is an individual EPD verifier for EPD Hub, the International EPD System, and EPD Norge.

Her main fields of expertise as an LCA and EPD consultant are construction products, electric and electronic equipment, and packaging-related products.

Architect, Ph.D. in sustainability and Net Zero, accredited as EDGE Faculty (building certification system); consultant in bioclimatic, life cycle assessment.

He is a verifier of Environmental Product Declarations of construction materials for the International EPD System and EPD Hub. LCA experience in buildings and construction materials with several works on clay masonry.


Sergio Ballén Zamora

Approved verifier by EPD Hub


Hai Ha Nguyen

Approved verifier by EPD Hub

I specialised my studies in Correction and Mitigation of Human Impacts on Ecosystems, Natural Resources Management and Circular Economy. For the last few years I have been working as an LCA consultant and verifier for EPD and R&D projects of various industries, namely construction, electrical and manufactured products. I am determined to ensure transparency, accuracy and quality in environmental reporting and communication.


Neena Chandramathy

Approved verifier by EPD Hub

Neena Chandramathy is One Click LCA’s Senior LCA & EPD consultant. She holds a masters engineering degree in Environmental Engineering and has over 19 years of international LCA & Sustainability, Environmental Management & Regulation, and manufacturing industry experience.  Her LCA experience also extends to a large number of sectors (Automotive, Building & Construction, Aviation, Rail, Electrical & Lighting, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, sustainable mobility (Bus & Truck) , Additive Manufacturing, etc.).

She has over 12+ years of experience in LCA of light weighting materials,  bio-based materials, composite materials, specialty products, and processes. 


Silvia Vilčeková

She works at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Technical University of Košice. She is the director of the Institute of Sustainable and Circular Construction. She deals with sustainable construction and sustainability assessment of buildings. She is an expert in the field of life cycle assessment of construction products and buildings throughout their entire life cycle. She is the author of EPDs for products such as: thermal insulation boards, burnt bricks, PVC pipes, cements, and steel products.

Approved verifier by EPD Hub


Dr. Lim

Approved verifier by EPD Hub

Environmental Product Declaration: about 120 (electricity, automobile, food, detergent, construction product, refrigerator, washing machine, water purifier, vacuum cleaner, etc.)

Carbon / Water footprint Certification

about 170 (Tobu, Green Tea, cosmetics, body wash, mobile phone, semiconductor, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, air purifier, water purifier, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, etc.)

Hetal Udas

Approved verifier by EPD Hub

EPD Team Leader at One Click LCA has been working in the field of product development, LCA, EPD and Eco-design for FMCG and industrial products for close to 15 years where she has helped set up processes and build teams for addressing Sustainability topics in product design and disclosures in organizations.

She is an approved verifier for the EPD Hub and the International EPD System and a co-inventor on 13 patents.


Anastasia Sipari

Approved verifier by EPD Hub

 I have been working in One Click LCA since 2010. I have more than 9 years of experience in compiling Type III EN 15804 Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). Over 40 published EPDs for construction materials for different EPD program operators.  I am well acquainted with the standards governing the calculation and performance of environmental assessment, such as EN15804, ISO 14040, ISO 14044, ISO 14025, ISO 21930, and EN15978. In 2019 I was accepted as a verifier for RTS (Finnish EPD program operator) and in 2022 for EPD Hub. Over 30 EPDs were verified during this period for this program operator.

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